John Creed and Associates have vast experience in structural engineering. Our projects have ranged from factories, office developments, apartment blocks, underground car parks, hospitals, nursing homes and retail developments.

We have extensive experience in the design of structures where there are poor ground conditions including bored, drilled and driven piles, vibro-floatation techniques and retaining walls using masonry, gabions and reinforced concrete.

We design the super structures (anything above ground level) using reinforced concrete, precast concrete, timber, steel and masonry (brickwork / blockwork).


John Creed and Associates can provide Civil Engineering design services including surface water and foul sewer design, surface water attenuation (storage of rainwater after storms) calculations and design. We can design roads and retaining structures.

Certification and Inspection of Houses

John Creed and Associates can certify the construction of new houses and extensions. This will involve carrying out periodic inspections during the course of construction. Typically this will involve inspections of the foundations, floor slab, walls, roof and floors. We can liaise with the lending institution (bank) and issue Stage Payment Certificates and ‘sign off’ the building on completion.

Maps, Opinion and Compliance

John Creed and Associates are regularly asked to prepare maps for Land Registry (Property Registration Authority of Ireland) purposes often for the first registration.


Wastewater Treatment Systems and Site Suitability Testing

John Creed and Associates have vast experience in designing domestic wastewater sewage treatment systems for new and existing properties. We have extensive experience in carry out Site Suitability Assessments, carrying out site inspections and preparing reports on the suitability of existing septic tanks, sewage treatment units and percolation areas. We also provide certification on newly installed wastewater treatment units and percolation areas to ensure compliance with both planning and building regulations.


Waste Facility Permits Application for the importation of inert material to improve land for agricultural gain

John Creed and Associates can assist you in making a Planning application and Certificate of Registration or Waste Facility Permit Application if you wish to import inert material to improve land for agricultural gain. To find out more about how we can help, call us today.

Engineering Surveys and Reports

John Creed has carried out structural surveys and prepared reports on same since his time working in London in the 1980s.

Structural surveys involve a thorough inspection of accessible elements of a building and site which typically involves the boundaries, lawns, driveways, footpaths and then moving onto the house; the chimneys, roof, gutters, downpipes, soffits and fascias along with the walls, doors and windows.

Internally we look at the external wall type (of critical importance: a modern cavity wall prevents water ingress from wind-blown rain), internal walls, floors and ceilings.


We check each room in turn typically looking for cracking and evidence of dampness which is generally checked with an electronic moisture meter.

We generally enter the attic provided it is possible to do so to check for roof structure, felt, insulation, storage tank and expansion tank (if applicable).